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Infinite Ways the Network that genuinely cares for each individual’s welfare.

Mission Statement

Infinite Ways Network, Inc., embraces the families it serves, with support that helps enhance lives, promotes cooperative resilience, and sustainable wellness.

Vision Statement

We believe that everyone has the propensity for good. Our vision is to help these individuals and families awaken the good in them. We envision our support to stand as the hope for the families in our communities.

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Infinite Ways Network was formed in 2011 with the goal of bringing families back together. Our focus is to provide mental health treatment to our local communities. Since then, we have developed effective and evidence-based services that help individuals and families. Our services are provided individually, with the entire family, or in a group setting with other clients.

We believe each person has the ability to change. With our individualized, evidence-based approach, we make that happen. We service all individuals across the lifespan by providing therapeutic services and resource linkage.

We are here to help you achieve your goals and live the life you want in Infinite Ways!

Meet Our Staff

We consist of high-caliber professionals equipped with empathy and evidence-based strategies that help you see hope for yourself and your family. Whatever situation you and/or your family may find yourself in, we offer the following services — anger management classes, divorce/separation counseling, family therapy, psychiatric evaluation, substance abuse counseling, and many others.

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We would like to sit down with you to assess your needs and determine how we can help.

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